Alopecia & NaturVital

Sufferers of Alopecia look no further! NaturVital specifically targets acute and chronic hair loss (Alopecia) as well working at root level as a preventative treatment. With a complete range of specific shampoos, conditioners and treatment products, NaturVital uses nature to address the different causes and stages of hair loss.

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Banish baldness with NaturVital plant based products

NaturVital has helped millions of consumers benefit from the proven scientific advantages whilst offering formulations containing ingredients found in nature. Baldness can affect both men and women and can be very distressing, although it is far more common among men; hair loss for a woman often is more traumatic and more difficult to accept.

When this loss is accelerated this disorder is known as Alopecia. Alopecia can occur due to hormonal imbalances, hereditary predisposition, nutritional deficiencies, decreased blood flow, disease or the pharmacological treatment to combat it, scalp imbalances, such as dandruff or seborrhoea and stress.

Hair Loss Treatment

NaturVital’s Hair Loss Programme is a five product regime that provides a more natural option for treating hair loss helping to alleviate one of the most worrying problems for both men and women. Through extensive research and controlled studies NaturVital has developed an unrivalled system to naturally stimulate cell activity, strengthen and stimulate hair growth.

Harnessing the basic active principles found in each of the key natural ingredients, which include Wheat proteins, Soybean, Ginseng, Hops, Saw Palmetto and Aloe Vera along with essential protective Vitamins such as A, B3, E and Pro Vitamin B5. NaturVital has fused these potent natural ingredients with the scientific innovation to create a delivery system that penetrates and nourishes the root system.

The specific products can be used as a preventative measure, combined to address the first stages or used as a complete programme to arrest intensive hair loss.