Natural way to treat Hair Loss

The NaturVital Hair Loss line is the unique range of anti-hair loss products that provides a full a natural program against loss and breakage of hair (for men and women). It covers all the phases from treatment to scalp hygiene and hair care. The NaturVital Hair Loss line stands out for its:

Natural Effectivenes: NaturVital hair loss treatments are based on natural active principles which have showed to be efficient and helpful to fight against hair loss.

Hair Loss Specialist Brand: NaturVital extensive experience as a specialist brand infighting against hair loss is supported by an effectiveness test showing increased resistance to hair loss after application of its Hair Loss shampoo and treatment.

Wide Range: NeturVital offers specific solutions for every hair type (normal, dry, oily, dandruff, long hair) and different types of treatment for either preventing or slowing down excess hair loss and hair breakage.

All NaturVital Hair Loss Treatment Line is Based on Basic Active Principles:

  • Phytoactive Complex obtained from germinated Wheat and Soy seeds which generate the energy to the hair bulb and nutrients required for stimulating cell activity and hair growth.
  • Vitamin Complex Vitamins A, B5, E,F,H and B5 Pro-vitamin provide nutrients to the bulb to produce strong and healthy hair, protecting it from external aggressions.
  • Ginseng extract revitalises and stimulates the hair by slowing his fall.
  • Specific plant active principles Aloe Vera , Burdock, Honey, Wheat are used to provide the specific needs of every hair type

Hair loss treatment

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