9 Awesome Hair Colour Trends You Would Like to Try

Whether you’re looking for a completely new look or just want to breathe fresh life into your current colour, we’ve came up with some of the interesting hair colours ideas. So, here are some great winter hair colours that will inspire you to refresh your look and add some variety to your season!

1. Very Dark Burgundy Ombre

Photo from www.digihair.net
Photo from www.digihair.net
As a hair colour burgundy is very rich in shades and looks fantastically beautiful matched with dark complexions. It whispers chic and good taste.


2. Sombre Babylights
hair colour blonde
Photo from www.scontent.cdninstagram.com
Babylights are very fine, subtle highlights that are meant to look like the natural hair colour of children, where colour is brighter at the crown and the bottom of the hair. These blonde waves will bring you right into spring with the energy of their colour.


3. Silver Fox
hair colour silver
Photo from www.okchicas.com
Silver Grey is a trendy and gorgeous look and it looks great literally on everyone. The cold colour looks stunning in the sunshine and promises a subtle growing out stage as it flatters natural blonde or brown hair. Don’t forget to use products that have been formulated for silver hair.
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4. Honey Blonde Hot Toddie
hair colour blonde
Photo from www.instagram.com
This magnificent style comes from lovely golden and honey blonde highlights that spice up the entire hair colour. It is an excellent option for your natural hair colour particularly when you don’t want to go for full commitment.


5. Chocolate Fade
hair colour light brown
Photo from www.instagram.com
Use the hues for your new balayage or ombre to show off the most delicious shades in the best light.


6. Cinnamon Spiced Chestnut Brown
hair colour brown
Photo from www.nz.pinterest.com
This dark chestnut brown base accented with lighter cinnamon toned highlights colour looks amazing on the medium-length hair particularly when styled in lovely waves. The lighter tone is applied to break the monotone touch of the strands.


7. Dark Brown
hair colour chestnut
Photo from www.pinterest.pt
Hair colour doesn’t have to be bright to be attention-grabbing. Dark brown hair looks elegant and perfectly matched with the layered haircut. Layers will beautifully frame the face and make the hair shade more fashionable and trendy. Anyway it is more than obvious that dark chocolate brown is the most natural brown shade.


8. Chocolate Brown
hair colour chocolate
Photo from www.nz.pinterest.com
Chocolate brown colour is rich and simple at the same time. This colour tends to warm up your complexion and makes hair shiny. This tasty hair colour is worth to try out even right now!


9. Baby Blonde
hair colour blonde
Photo from www.instagram.com
The softness and tenderness of baby blonde can’t be compared with anything else. This softer and lighter blonde shade is the perfect source of contrast for the winter wardrobe. Also, it’s the most cute and stunning blonde hair colour in the world.


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Source of information : Myhaircolors

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