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Hairstyle control

Ingredients and their benefits

We believe in the beauty of natural plant based ingredients that work to strengthen and moisturise your hair on a long-term basis.  You won’t find any harsh chemicals in our products because that’s just not our philosophy or promise to you! Our Anti-frizz Style Control Spray comprises ingredients that come together to create the perfect formula for any hair type needing a little love and care.

Aloe Vera is a vital ingredient within this product because it provides your hair with a natural balance of nutrients that effectively hydrate, soften, and condition your hair.

Honey works alongside the Aloe Vera, by benefiting your hair through its copious amount of nutrients and antioxidants. Using honey as a natural hair care ingredient is effective because it helps to regulate and retain your hairs moisture, without causing excess oil build up!

B5 provitamin is another element of this product that has high moisturising qualities, whilst also locking in the moistures from other ingredients. As your hair becomes more resilient and hydrated, volume and structure will follow due to the strength your hair builds up over the course of the product usage.


A simple to use hair-controlling spray that enables you to get the look you want, without all the nasty chemicals. This Anti-frizz spray is super low maintenance, with its easy one step application process. Our style control spray is suitable for both curly hair and straight hair types, so don’t worry, it will work with your individual needs! If you’re using our product on curly hair, simply spray straight onto wet hair. As your hair dries, the natural ingredients of the spray will help to define your style, whilst preventing that unwanted frizz. For those of you with straight hair you can apply the spray on either wet or dry hair. Following application, just leave it to do its thing and you’ll notice more volume and less frizz!

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