What’s really in your hair dye?

How easy is it to let yourself remain oblivious to what you’re actually putting on your skin everyday? I know I hadn’t really given it a second thought and when I reached out to some of my friends this was clearly a common theme. It seems like everyone holds this common mentality that “I won’t react, I’ve never had sensitive skin!”. That’s what my friend thought too, until a paraphenylenediamine (PPD) containing hair dye left her wishing she had never decided to dye her hair in the first place..

When I was asking around my group of friends about the kinds of beauty products they use and if they had ever used hair dyes containing PPD, I got the same responses… “Uhh what’s PPD and why would it be in hair dyes if it’s that dangerous?”… Good question right? Why would so many brands put such a nasty and potentially harmful chemical in products made for our bodies? Well it’s effective. To put is simply, PPD has the ability to make your new hair colour look natural and last longer through numerous washings, so your new look doesn’t fade so quickly. We put so much trust in these beauty brands to provide us with safe and reliable products, why would we be sold something that is potentially dangerous to us? Sorry to say it.. but it’s because we are ignorant and nobody ever thinks that it will actually be them that will go through that experience!

So back to my friend, well she was totally unaware of the severity of the allergic reactions that can arise from commercial hair dyes, because she had never had sensitive skin or experienced any issues with the commercial hair dyes she was religiously using. It wasn’t until she flared up so bad after one of her hair dye applications that she actually had a look at what she was putting on her scalp. I think the most common misconception about allergies is that if you experience no reaction the first ten times, that means you’ll have no reaction ever… FALSE. Sensitivity to PPD can happen to literally anyone, whether that’s after the first exposure, or the tenth. So after years of absolutely no issues with commercial hair dyes, my friend was suffering from a severe allergic reaction resulting in scalp sensitivity which left her in the most acute pain ever.

My friend said the craziest part of it all is that this reaction left her feeling like a vampire. Yup, that’s right, she became incredibly sensitive towards the sun because of the chemical exposure to her skin. There are so many bigger effects from PPD exposure and the only way to eliminate her skin sensitivity was to switch to naturally sourced products. So, are you prepared to eliminate those potential risks before it’s too late? Switch to a more natural lifestyle and prevent a world of pain!

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