4 Hair Care Trends You Can’t Miss In 2019

Out with the old and in with the new! With 2019 around the corner comes with it 4 new hair care trends you can’t miss. There is a movement towards a more natural/organic hair care regime. More care and thought is being put into what products and ingredients are in our hair care routines. Keep on reading as we have you covered with what is on trend for 2019.

#1: Revamped Hair Care Routine

622There is a lot more emphasis put into hair care routines for that extra special touch. Masks, oils, specialised shampoos, treatments and others are being added into routines everywhere. Are you interested in this revamped hair care routine? If so, we have some products that may interest you. Our Juniper Hair Mask provides intense hydration and softness to your hair. Our Anti-Breakage Mask provides the nutrients your hair needs to nourish and repair.


#2: Embracing Grey Hair 


Ageing gracefully has started to gain interest around the globe. No longer are grey hairs a burden or something to shy away from. Embracing your age has gained traction and is a sign of a life well lived. We couldn’t agree more with this emerging trend and that’s why we can’t recommend enough our Silver Shampoo. The formula gives your hair a smoothness, luminosity, natural shine and a silvery hue. So, what are you waiting for?




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#3: Skincare For Your Hair

428327-PDYR8F-907-1There is a focus on products that act as skincare for the hair. It is being recognised that looking after your hair is as important as your skin. As we have seen with skincare, ingredients are in the spotlight. Products that are natural and non-toxic are booming. If this trend sounds like a bit of you, NaturVital has plenty of options. Our Aloe Vera Sensitive Shampoo Moisturiser cares for your hair leaving it nourished and protected. There are many more options available on our website so click here to discover more!


#4: Natural Hair Loss Remedies


Hair loss or breakage happens to everyone, no matter your age. This can be scary and put a damper on your confidence. There are products out there claiming to fix hair thinning. Yet, they are full of bad toxins that are no good for your hair or need surgery. Natural hair loss remedies are all the rage for 2019 and here at NaturVital we are ahead of this trend. Our most popular products in our hair loss range are the ShampoosSerum and Tonic Treatment. This range helps to nourish the scalp strengthening, revitalising and protecting fragile hair. 


Do you have a newfound appreciation for a more natural approach to hair care? Will you be jumping on the upcoming trends? Or have you become interested in any of the NaturVital products mentioned in this post? Why not head on over to our website. From there you can browse through all of our products, read reviews and much more. If there’s anything else or if you have questions, feel free to contact us for more information here. We are happy to help!


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