Is Hair Loss Normal In Women?

Is hair loss normal in women?

There is a misconception that hair loss is only a problem in males. We’ve all seen treatments aimed at men and heard the stories of a receding hairline, or bald patches. Yet, it is as much a problem in women as it is men. Millions of women around the world suffer from hair loss at some point in their life. We don’t often hear about it because women find it much more difficult to accept and so don’t talk about it. Hair loss occurs when there is more hair shed than is able to grow back. This might be in the form of dramatic shedding where other women might not even notice that it’s happening at all. This isn’t all bad as loosing 50-100 hairs per day is completely normal during the hair growth cycle.


What are the symptoms?

There are two main symptoms women experience when it comes to hair loss. The first is hair thinning and this is when you start to notice that your hair is becoming thinner over time. This can either be noticeable from the get-go or happen over time. Is your hair not behaving like it once did? Has your hair lost all the voluminosity it once had? This can knock your confidence levels and leave you worried with what is happening to your locks. The second symptom is when your hair starts to fall out more than usual and this can be quite noticeable. Have you noticed increased strands on your pillowcase, your hairbrush tangled in hair or is the shower drain more clogged than usual? If so, your hair loss may no longer be within the norm.


What are the causes?

There are many different reasons that contribute to hair loss in women. The main ones are your genes, age and the many different hormones at play. Hair loss is hereditary. Now, you may think “isn’t hair loss only hereditary in males?” well the answer is no. Genes account for a lot of hair loss cases in women. It may be a surprise but both your parents family histories are at play. It is no surprise that age has a contributing factor to hair loss. You get older and everything starts to slow down. You are no longer bright eyed and bushy tailed and your hair follicles aren’t as productive. This sucks and is beyond our control. But don’t let this fool you and think you’re young so you’re safe from the unfortunate happening to you. Some women may be prone to hair loss from the ripe age of 20. Your hormones also have a major role to play in hair loss. Hair friendly hormones that you want are oestrogen’s (female hormones) as they help to keep hairs in the growth phase of the cycle. Androgens (male hormones) aren’t hair friendly and shorten the hair growth cycle. So, if you find that you have more androgens than oestrogen’s you will start experiencing hair loss.


How can it be treated?

There are some everyday solutions that can aid in the prevention of hair loss. Avoid tight hairstyles, treat your hair with care, protect it from intense sunlight and avoid harsh treatments. Luckily, here at NaturVitalwe have a natural option for treating hair loss and have an entire range dedicated to hair loss in women. Each product has the same Phytoactive Complex, germinated wheat and soybean compound which is the main ingredient for treating hair loss.

Our Hair Loss Shampoo for Women fights hair loss and maintains the natural balance of the scalp increasing the strength of the hair fibre and leaving the hair moisturised and shiny.

Our Hair Loss Conditioner facilitates hair rehydration, reinforcing and protecting the hair fibre against breakage and splitting.

Our Hair Loss Conditioner Leave-in Anti-Breakage repairs, protects and adds shine to hair, fighting hair breakage and loss. This enhances brushing, providing shine and protecting hair from damage caused by dryer heat.

Our Anti Breakage Mask  in just 3 minutes provides all the nutrients your hair needs to nourish and repair it, from the roots to the ends, while also protecting it from hair loss.

Don’t forget to check out our website for more hair loss treatments as this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our serum and tonic treatment are also some of our popular products!


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