How To Maintain Hair Colour

We all want our newly coloured locks to last forever. But, that’s not the case. Even permanent hair dyes need to get touched up every so often to keep the colour looking beautiful. But, there are ways in which we can make our colour last a little longer for that ultimate hair glow. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help your strands look and feel as colourful and gorgeous as the day you dyed it.

1) 72 Hours:

We all want that after salon feel to last and so shampooing right away may seem like the easiest way to do this. Yet, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Refrain from shampooing at least 72 hours after getting your hair coloured. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your colour washing right down the drain and you don’t want that.

 2) Chemical Free and Colour-Safe:

When you can wash your hair, opt for products that are free of nasty chemicals. These could strip your newly coloured hair of its natural moisture and oils. This then leads to loss of hair colour. This then leads to loss of hair colour. Also, the use of Colour-Safe shampoo and conditioner helps to protect and intense your hair colour. Our Colour Safe range is formulated to protect and bring back health and shine to your hair. All while being a great natural option.

3) Keep it Cool:

Hot water can actually open your hair cuticle meaning that your hair colour has the chance to wash out. Next time you have a shower or wash your hair keep this in mind and turn the heat down to lukewarm. The warmth of the water allows any products to gently cleanse. The cold seals in the moisture prolonging your hair colour.

 4) Wash Less:

We’ve all heard that we don’t need to wash our hair every day to keep it looking clean and fresh. Yet, we still seem to do it. Take the advice and wash your locks less as it keeps in your natural oils as well as keeping in your hair colour.

 5) Leave In Treatments:

Leave in treatments are very important and should be in everyone’s hair care routines. Whether your hair has colour or not, these treatments protect your hair and provide extra hydration. This gives your hair the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. Our Leave In Spray Conditioner moisturises your hair leaving it hydrated, soft and with a beautiful shine.

 6) Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet provides your hair with all the nutrients it needs. It also provides you with the essential nutrients. It’s a win/win situation and you as well as your hair will be looking and feeling great! If needed, supplements such as Vitamin C can help support healthy hair follicles.

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