Benefits Of Rose Water for Skin

Rose Water is a skincare ingredient that everyone needs in there beauty regime. The use dating back for centuries due to its many benefits on offer. Rose Water comes from fresh rose petals, usually from the Damask rose plant. The petals are also utilised in aromatherapy and can help with digestive issues. Read on for our top 5 benefits of implementing Rose Water into your skincare routine.

1) Tones

Banishes the build-up of dirt and oil on your skin. Plays a role in maintaining your natural pH level. Helps prepare your skin for any following skin treatments, providing optimal hydration.

2) Fights Acne

Removes excess oils discouraging the growth of acne and preventing future breakouts.

3) Ant-Aging

The rose water has exceptional antioxidant and regenerating skin cells properties.  Incorporating rose water into your daily routine will help to keep your skin healthy by neutralising free radicals that contribute to wrinkles and signs of aging.

4) Hydrates and Refreshes

The rose water penetrates your pores giving your skin a mild hydration boost. Keep a bottle in your bag for a refreshing face mist when needed and to hydrate your skin. You will be left with a soft and supple feel. Not only this but the antioxidants and cooling effects reduce puffiness.

 5) Maintains Skin pH

The environment and the excessive use of harsh products can disrupt your natural pH balance. Rose water works to balance this bringing everything back to an equilibrium.

Did you know : Using rose water daily as a facial toner helps improving skin firmness!

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