What is the difference between Permanent and Semi-permanent hair colours?

semi permanent or permanent hair colour

You are looking for a change and you decide you want this change to be your hair. You head to the salon / are scrolling online and come across two terms: semi-permanent and permanent. You have no idea what the difference is between the two and you give up. We’re here to help and have put together a guide of what each offer and which one would be more beneficial for what you’re looking for.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

semi-permanent hair colour

This is not a dye even though you’ve probably seen this attached to the words semi-permanent for a while now. It is more accurately a hair colour and is designed to add only a gloss to your hair and to add a beautiful shine. It’s for you if you are looking for a less permanent change and are only wanting to refresh or slightly change the tone of your natural hair colour. This is because a semi-permanent colour doesn’t actually lighten or darken your hair. No mixing or developing is required which means you can pop it right onto your hair to get the desired result. Since this isn’t an intense process the colour will most likely wash out in roughly 6 – 8 washes which means that it is low maintenance and not a huge lengthy commitment.

Pros of Semi-Permanent Hair Colour:

  • Safe to use. Does not contain aggressive and heavy chemicals
  • Temporary colour. You can experiment with colour as many times as you want.
  • Easy to apply at home. No mixing or complicated application.
  • Does not affect your natural hair colour.

Cons of Semi-Permanent Hair Colour:

  • Fast fades
  • Doesn’t work well for grey hair
  • Works for brunette / dark hair not as well as for blonde / light hair
  • Could stain your hair

Permanent Hair Dye

permanent hair dye

Now, this is a hair dye. When you apply a permanent dye to your hair it will change the structure of your hair so that you get the colour payoff. It is for you if you are wanting to lighten or darken your hair and can be used to cover any unwanted grey hairs that have popped up (however, don’t forget grey hair is beautiful!). A permanent dye needs to be developed and the proper hair care needs to be used in order to keep your hair healthy and to keep the colour for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the permanent dye needs more upkeep with root touch-ups needed roughly every 4 weeks due to your regrowth. Depending on the dye used, it can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks on average

Pros of Permanent Hair Dye

  • It won’t fade or wash out
  • Gives a rich and bright colour to your hair
  • Covers grey hair
  • Wide colour range
  • You can mix different colours to achieve the desired shade

Cons of Permanent Hair Dye

  • Contains much stronger chemicals than semi-permanent hair colour
  • Has an effect on your natural hair colour
  • Application takes time and might require the help of second person (eg. hairdresser)
  • Can’t be washed out if you are not happy with the colour

Now that you are up to date with the difference between a semi-permanent colour and a permanent hair dye you can make your decision much easier and with more confidence! Don’t forget to check out our range of hair colours. With both semi-permanent and permanent options, there’s something for everyone! 

Did you know: NaturVital Permanent Hair Dye and Semi-permanent Hair Colour do not contain aggressive chemicals such as Phenylenediamine (PPD), Resorcinol, Ammonia or Parabens!

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