How can hair loss shampoo prevent hair loss?

Good news! Using shampoo can help prevent against hair loss. Using a special shampoo on a daily basis can help reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Hair loss shampoo helps by eliminating any bad toxins that have built up in your hair which can contribute to your hair follicles struggling to grow properly.  A good guide is once or twice a week as this allows your scalp to be stimulated leaving you with healthy growing hair.

Now, if you think that your hair loss has gone beyond the normal amount, shampoos dedicated to hair growth may be your best friend. These have specific ingredients such as Wheat, Vitamin E, Ginseng and B-Vitamins which work to help the growth of your hair as well as being friendly for both you and the planet.\

All NaturVital hair loss shampoos are based on these active principles:

  • Phytoactive Complex: obtained from germinated Wheat and Soy seed which generate the energy to the hair bulb and nutrients required for stimulating cell activity and hair growth.
  • Vitamin Complex: A, B5, E, F, H vitamins and B5 Pro-vitamin provide nutrients to the bulb to produce strong and healthy hair, protecting it from external aggression.
  • Ginseng: revitalizes and stimulates the hair by slowing his fall.

Moreover, to treat the different types of hair and scalp problems, each shampoo contains specific plant extract in its formula. 

  • Aloe Vera in Hair loss normal shampoo – helps to maintain the natural balance of the hair, providing hydration, softness and conditioning. 
  • Burdock in Hair loss greasy shampoo – is used as astringent and sebaceous secretion regulator.
  • Hops in Hair loss anti-dandruff shampoo – helps to maintain the good condition of the scalp. Balances the sebaceous gland activity.
  • Hydrolyzed in Anti-breakage shampoo – wheat protein: improves the air hydration. 
  • Quina in Hair loss dry shampoo – helps the irrigation of the hair follicle and stimulates its growth. 
  • Mint in Hair loss refreshing shampoo – stimulates and smooths the hair. Activates skin micro-circulation. 

How does shampoo actually help fight hair loss?

  1. The constant use of NaturVital hair loss shampoo helps to eliminate bad chemicals and to obtain a healthy scalp.
  2. The main plant-based ingredients of NaturVital hair loss shampoo nourish the scalp and provide the hair bulb with the energy and nutrients needed to strengthen hair growth.
  3. The additional plant-based ingredients of NaturVital hair loss shampoo strengthen, protect and invigorate hair, preventing from falling.

Now that you are clued in on how shampoo helps in preventing hair loss, make sure to give our products a go.  If you are looking specifically for hair loss, we have an entire range dedicated to this which include shampoos, masks, tonic and serum. Proven to work and a great natural option, you would be silly not to. If not, we also have other shampoos that suit a variety of different needs.

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