All about Plant Stem Cells

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are found in all living things and are key in the process of regeneration. Unfortunately, as we age our natural Stem Cell production slows right down… and this is where Stem Cell-based products become useful in the treatment and maintenance of the skin’s youthfulness.

What is Stem Cells Treatment?

There are a variety of different ‘Stem Cell’ products on the market nowadays. Products containing Stem Cells are formed through the extraction of Stem Cells which aid in skin regeneration when applied to the skin.

SO… Which Stem Cells product is for me?

Dry skin? Our Stem Cells Face Cream for Dry Skin could be the answer to your face care needs. Pomegranate and Senna extract work to hydrate the skin, to ensure flexibility and suppleness.

Bit of a combination type skin? Our Stem Cells Face Cream for Combination Skin has Pomegranate extract to promote flexibility and firmness of the skin. Effective in the regulation of any excess sebum secretions and protection against ultraviolet radiation, and aids in balancing the skin’s texture out.

Want to prevent premature aging? Our Stem Cells Regenerating Cream with Senna extract is the Stem Cells product for you! This product is great for diminishing dark spots and it offers amazing protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Our Stem Cells Eye Contour Cream is the answer to the repair of fine lines. Pomegranate and Shea Butter extract effectively soften and hydrate the skin, with protection against ultraviolet radiation also.

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