What’s the deal with Cellulite?

Isn’t cellulite the worst? Unless you’re within the 10-20% of women that don’t experience cellulite at some point within their lifetime, I am sure you can relate! Cellulite is common on areas of the hips, butt, and thighs… because that’s where we tend to store the majority of that body fat we all just love! Whether your cellulite is mild, moderate, or severe, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of it. It all starts with a few lifestyle changes…

Get your sweat on

That’s right, it might sound daunting, but get exercising and you will notice an improvement in your cellulite. Unfortunately, cellulite affects women of every shape and size, but if you reduce your body fat content, you’re going to minimise the appearance of your cellulite significantly. Not only can you shed that excess body fat, but exercise is also going to help you tone up and sweat out built-up toxins (what’re you waiting for?!).

Fresh is best

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the term… “Eat your greens!”. Well that’s because of the numerous health benefits your greens are going to provide for your body. A diet that consists mainly of fruits and vegetables is going to be alkaline based, which is super for your blood! When your diet is alkaline-based you’re essentially helping your body to draw out the acidic toxins in your body.

Quick Tip:

Trade-in that refined table salt you have sitting in your pantry for natural sea salt or crystal salt! Refined salt is super dehydrating and acidic, which means it leaches minerals from your body. This switch is going to benefit your body, rather than rob it!

Hydration is key

Another cliche, with great credibility nonetheless. It’s pretty straightforward when you hydrate your body you are promoting healthy kidney function, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and overall skin health, and healthy large intestine function. Let me put it simply, drink water in order to cleanse your insides and to promote healthy skin!

Circulation- the cellulite killer

Smooth out the appearance of your skin with a regular dry skin brushing routine. For those of you who don’t know what dry brushing is, it is quite literally the act of taking a dry brush to your cellulite-prone areas in circular motions for about ten minutes approximately three times a week. Of course, everyone is different and you might want to do it less often or more often, that’s completely fine. Just do what feels right for you and you’ll begin to notice your skin looking less like oranges rippled exterior.

Gel it

There are a tonne of gels and creams out there that promise to get rid of your cellulite. How can you tell if it is actually going to work? It’s all in the ingredients. Look for products that contain naturally derived ingredients, rather than a heap of chemicals you don’t even understand. Our Gel Reductor is a great place to start on your cellulite reduction journey. With green coffee and pineapple extract, you can expect more defined body shape and clinically proven slimming results. The regular use of these products, paired with the other cellulite reduction tips is honestly your best bet at achieving your smooth skin goals!

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