Summer Skin Care Tips

summer skin care tips

With Summer in full force and with high temperatures, your skin needs looking after more than ever before. We’re exposed to damaging UV rays in higher quantities. And the heat can deplete moisture leaving us with dry, dull and damaged skin. Extra steps need to be put in place during the hotter months on top of your regular skincare routine. Think hydrating products with added ingredients that help to replenish any lost moisture. At NaturVital we know the importance of this and have an entire facial range dedicated to skincare. We’ve compiled a list of Summer skincare tips that will help to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated during this heat.

Skin Care Shuffle:

skin moisturiser

Different months of the year call for different skincare products and routines. You wouldn’t want to use your winter heavy-duty moisturiser in the summer as it could clog your pores. This leads to unhappy skin. We recommend a lightweight summer moisturiser that will give you the benefits you need as well as letting your skin breathe. Our Stem Cells Facial Creams contain Stem Cells from Red Grape, C and E Vitamins and SPF protection which replenishes the skin to give it a supple and firm feel. 

A Scrub A Day… is not the best way!

You may think that using a scrub every day during Summer is a great idea to get rid of any dry or dead skin. This is not the case. Scrubs are great but should be used correctly, once a week or so. Find a scrub that is gentle but does the job. A scrub that provides your skin with a light exfoliation and other added benefits is ideal. Our Aloe Vera and Lime Facial Scrub retains moisture and purifies leaving you with soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Slip, Slop & Slap:

Staying safe in the sun is number one when it comes to your skincare as well as your health. New Zealand especially has high strength due to there being less ozone to block the UV rays. So make sure that you are using a sunscreen that has at least a great SPF rating, the higher the better! Also, look for products that have some form of sun protection as an added bonus. Our Stem Cells Face Cream and Bearberry Body Milk contains UVA/UVB filters to help protect against UV rays. It also keeps your skin soft and hydrated. But, this shouldn’t fully replace your sunscreen, stay sun smart!

Water, Water, Water!

Many of us aren’t getting near enough water that we need for our bodies. It is recommended that on average you should be drinking 8 cups per day, are you? Water helps to keep you alert, removes toxins, prevents headaches and moisturises your skin among other things. We think those are great reasons to start drinking more water, especially during hot days in the sun.

Natural is Best:

Natural products have started to gain popularity and it’s no surprise why. They are much better for you and your skin as they don’t contain harmful or toxic ingredients. At  NaturVital we believe in the wisdom of nature and respecting the environment and this is emulated in our products. Click here to check out our range of natural skincare products and try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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