All You Want to Know about Mineral Deodorants

mineral deodorant

Are you aware that the typical deodorant is full of nasty chemicals? The most common ingredient is Aluminum and this has actually been proven to linger in breast tissue increases your risk of breast cancer. If you weren’t aware of this and the thought has made you throw your current deodorant immediately in the bin, don’t worry there is a safer option out there and we are here to help! The answer = Mineral Deodorant!

This is a much healthier option and most importantly free from Aluminum. Mineral deodorants achieve everything you need from keeping you fresh and free from sweating to inhibiting the development of microorganisms on your skin. The minerals in the deodorant work by reducing perspiration which then works to neutralise odour with the added bonus of being free from nasty chemicals.

The rise of mineral deodorants has been occurring in western cultures for the past 30 years but we have seen a dramatic increase recently due to the natural products movement we are currently in. A big reason why is due to it being natural and chemical-free as well as being low costs all while helping to decrease your risk of breast cancer.  Now, we don’t know why all companies don’t get behind Mineral Deodorants. Don’t worry though, we are well ahead of this and have you covered!

If you are now on the lookout for a safer option make sure to check out our Mineral Deodorants here. Options include our Crystal Sticks and Mineral Sprays. They are a great natural option and don’t stain your clothing. The actual product lasts a while and has 12-24-hour effectiveness against controlling sweat. They are free from toxins, irritants and result in a fresh clean smell. The best time to apply is right after showering or bathing and also if you need a fresh touch up during the day.

Tip: Damp the Cristal Deodorant stick before using and gently rub the zones prone to sweat. The Crystal Deodorant lasts for more than six months in normal use condition!

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