Ammonia in Hair Dye

ammonia free hair dye

By now we all have heard how bad Ammonia is for our hair. There is a lot of hearsay about this and so you’re wondering, well is it actually bad? The answer is YES. If possible, you should look for a hair dye sans ammonia as it is a powerful chemical that can have harmful results. It can change the pH of your hair and the effects are almost irreversible. The long-lasting damage on your hair just isn’t worth it.

Ammonia works by opening your cuticles to enable the dye to get in there to provide a permanent colour. This already doesn’t sound healthy but it actually also forces your cuticles to stay this way causing moisture loss and important nutrients to escape. Your hair can turn brittle, dry and lose a lot of moisture and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only this but Ammonia can also have disastrous effects on your health, yes, your health. For some this is a mild case of irritation and stinging eyes. For others this can become more serious and cause breathing problems, skin burns, nose irritation plus more.

Another telling fact is that for years pregnant women have been told to stay away from Ammonia-based hair dyes as it could have a harmful effect on the baby. Now, if you’re thinking you’re not pregnant so you can use it with no problems, think again. This means nothing and you are still susceptible to the harmful effects mentioned above, the same as a pregnant woman. You can find more information on Ammonia allergy here

Ammonia in Hair Dye There are measures that you can put in place to test if you have a reaction to Ammonia-based hair dye. This includes consulting a doctor or performing a skin test. However, we think it is much safer to just exclude Ammonia-based products from your hair dyes and choose higher quality and more natural safe options instead like our NaturVital Ammonia and PPD Free hair colour ranges.

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