Hair Dye Facts: Myths Debunked!

Natural hair dye

Some myths are floating around out there about Hair Dye. Is it safe to use? Does it damage my hair? Am I going to lose my hair if I use hair dye? Can I get an allergic reaction to hair colour? We put together some Hair Dye Facts to answer all these and many other questions.

  • Do an allergy test every time you dye at home: this is to ensure that you don’t severely react.
  • Do a patch test 48 hours before applying hair dye. For this to be effective it should be behind your ear or inside your elbow.
  • If you find that you react whatsoever, wash the dye off and don’t go on to dye your hair.
  • Use a colour-protective shampoo and conditioner: this is not a gimmick. They have more nourishing and repairing properties than your regular day to day shampoos and conditioners. As well as this, they help to tone and refresh your new coloured hair. Browse NaturVital Colour Protection Shampoos here
  • Colouring your hair shouldn’t have to be damaging. There are products that have been specifically formulated to prevent any damage occurring. Make sure to use them, they make a difference.
  • Colouring hair does not strip away volume. The lightening agents actually cause the cuticle to swell meaning that your hair appears thicker and fuller.
  • Wait to wash your hair right after a colour treatment. You need to wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair. This is because your hair cuticles take this long to close and therefore locking in the colour better. When it has surpassed 72 hours you should only wash your hair with lukewarm water as this prevents any drying out from happening. Also, DON’T go near any swimming pool for at least 2 weeks as the chlorine will mess with your colour which nobody wants to happen, give the beach a go instead.
  • Hair should always be clean. The colour needs to effectively bond and distribute evenly to your hair. For this to happen, it needs to be squeaky clean. It is better if the hair is cleaned 24 to 48 hours prior but this is not necessary.

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