The Most Harmful Chemicals in Hair Dye: PPD and Resorcinol

ppd hair dye

We are in the age of living more natural and chemical-free lives. With information at our fingertips, we can be more knowledgeable and therefore can make better decisions when it comes to the products we are using. However, with all of this information, it can be confusing to know what to trust and what is good for us especially with hair dye as there is a lot of conflicting information out there. However, we are here to help and shed light on the 2 most harmful chemicals in hair dye in our opinion: PPD and Resorcinol.

PPD (Paraphenylenediamine)

This is a widely used chemical in hair dyes from companies all around the world (don’t worry, we don’t!). It is a colourless chemical that turns into a dye once contacted with oxygen. Because of this, the permanent dye is usually packaged into two so that the PPD base and developer don’t mix prematurely. PPD is used to make sure that the dye quickly penetrates the hair strand as well as to remove pigment if lightening. Not only this but if you are wanting a darker hair colour you need to be aware that this requires higher concentrations of PPD and therefore come with a higher risk than if you were wanting a lighter colour (however we would stay away from PPD in any concentration). Now, if you are still not too worried about putting this chemical on your hair as you haven’t had any problems as of yet, don’t be fooled. PPD can actually cause allergic dermatitis in people and even if you aren’t sensitive to it you can become sensitised over time and the rate of PPD sensitisation is actually on the rise. The more fatal symptoms are renal failure and respiratory failure just to name a couple.


this is another chemical used widely in hair dyes due to its strength and inexpensive price tag (again, not used in our products). The resorcinol’s role is to react with the developer in order to bond permanently to the hair strand. Not only is this used in hair dyes it can also be found to be an ingredient in skin care such as skin peels and acne treatments but is also a popular ingredient in wood bonding, and chemical manufacturing (+ others) how scary is that! We don’t know about you but we wouldn’t want this anywhere near our bodies. If you’re still not convinced of its harmful nature then these symptoms are sure to change your mind. Resorcinol is known to irritate skin, can potentially be an endocrine disruptor (a.k.a your hormones), can be damaging to the immune system and is the frequent culprit when it comes to any hair dye allergy.

Are you now aware of the harmful effects that these chemicals can have on your health and have now vouched to not go near products that contain these ingredients ever again? Well, don’t worry, you can still get perfectly effective hair dyes without compromising your life. NaturVital is all about this and we offer products that are natural and are good for you and your hair so make sure to check these out here.

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