Benefits of Rose Oil

natural rose oil

Rose Oil has many amazing benefits. It is extracted from the Damask Rose plant as this particular variety is the most fragrant as well as having the highest oil content compared to other varieties. Overall, this oil helps to reduce the size of pores due to its great purifying and astringent properties. It is a great product for everyone as it is perfect for those with dry (& oily) or sensitive skin as it helps to soften. If you are in the need for an oil that has regenerating and toning properties (+ a bunch of others) then Rose Oil is perfect for you!

These are not the only benefits, here are 5 more that we think make Rose Oil the perfect addition to anyone’s daily routine:

1. Skin Care: helps to fade scarring as well as stretch marks thanks to the power of the Antioxidants present.

2. Sedates Inflammation: able to calm someone with a high fever as well as to reduce inflammation caused by problems such as Indigestion and Dehydration.

3. Antispasmodic Properties: relieves a range of different body spasms in different areas of the body including the Respiratory System, Intestines, Muscles and Limbs.

4. Astringent Properties: can aid in strengthening gums, teeth and hair as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Eliminates Bacteria: contains elements that can help cure both internal (bacterial) and external infections (skin, eyes, wounds).

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