Common Reasons for Unhealthy Looking Hair

Unhealthy Hair

If you are among those with unhealthy looking hair, you must consider the following facts. The condition of your hair always reflects:

  • How well you nurture it
  • How healthy YOU are and
  • Are there any changes to be made in your lifestyle

Try to relate your problem to one of the following causes of bad hair looks, make some crucial changes in its everyday care and help it revive its health and beauty.

Harsh or bad hair treatments and physical damages

If you visit your hairdresser too often and repeatedly colour or bleach your hair, you must’ve already noticed your hair has become dry, brittle and brassy. Maybe the hay-colour was what you desired, but certainly not the look of straw. So, stop doing it oftentimes and give your hair time to recover from chemicals.

Also, don’t do excessive heat styling by using a curling wand or hair iron. Strong heat is your hair’s enemy.
Be aware that jewellery and ties can make physical damage to your hair too, so try to avoid them, as well as overbrushing of your hair, especially when it is wet.

Wrong selection of hair products 

There are many hair products that we simply adore and use them regularly because they help our hair look stylish all the time. However, some of them, such as gels, lacquers, various foams and many others are hair damaging products. If you can’t resist – use them just occasionally.

The wrong shampoo can also harm hair. Washing your scalp with harsh cleansers can make an imbalance in the microbiome and let bad bacteria and fungi multiply. That can cause scalp inflammation.

Water – can be an ally or enemy

Lack of water in your body can show up through bad looking hair. It’s simple: dehydrated body results in dry skin and scalp, which consequently shows up as dandruff. Hence, the recommendation is to hydrate your body constantly.  If the problem has already occurred, browse one of the NaturVital Anti-Dandruff Shampoos for different hair types:

NaturVital Sensitive Shampoo Moisturiser with Aloe Vera Extract

However, water can also be an enemy to your hair because washing does rinse off the natural oil from it? If you wash it too often, it could become dehydrated. For every hair type and texture, the spread of oil through hair varies. For instance, if you have thick or curly hair, the process of its spreading is slower. That means if you are not mindful about your hair type and overdo with washing, it is very easy to dehydrate it. NaturVital Shampoo Moisturiser with 100% organically grown Aloe Vera extract is an excellent choice for dry hair nourishment.

If your hair is naturally grey, you may notice unwanted yellow hues. The cause of that can be high iron content in water. If you are blonde – protect your hair while swimming in pools because hard metals and chlorine in pool water can add green shades to it. Read more on how to solve this problem:

Environmental conditions

Seawater and constant exposure to strong UV rays can make hair dry and brittle. Besides heat in summer, cold and wind in winter can also have a catastrophic effect on the hair. The easiest way to protect it from bad weather influences is to wear hats and caps as often as possible. 

Nutrition and medications

Some medications in strong doses, as well as extreme stress or depression, can affect hair loss. Many people don’t connect this problem with nutrition. However, they shouldn’t neglect the quality and the amounts of unhealthy food they consume.

We know that vitamins and minerals are very important for our health and their deficiency can cause many problems. When it comes to hair health, deficiency of iron, for instance, will affect hair loss. 

On the other hand, the overload of vitamins can also be counterproductive. Too much vitamin A will have the same effect on your hair. That means those who enjoy too much oily fish, cheese, liver and other foodstuffs which are high in vitamin A should try to balance their nutrition with a variety of other food. 

A varied diet is crucial in nurturing a healthy body and hair
NaturVital Sensitive Shampoo for Oily Hair

If you, for example, eat fried food, sweets and milk products too much, your body will accumulate fat, which will result in an oily scalp as well as oily skin. To regulate the amount of sebum produced, you should eat foods rich in Vitamin B like fish, lean meats, poultry, beans and leafy green vegetables. To help your hair recover as soon as possible and get healthy lipid balance, use a shampoo with a special formula for oily hair. NaturVital recommends the one from Sensitive line with Lime, Witch Hazel and 100% organically grown Nettle extracts.

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