All you wanted to know about semi-permanent hair colours

Semi-permanent hair colour

If you are among those who would like to make a change with your hair colour but still unsure you are ready to take the plunge, this article could help you make a decision.

Most people are worried they might make a decision which they will regret. They are asking themselves questions like:

  • What to do if I don’t like the colour?
  • What if I damage my hair?
  • If I like it, how to make my hair colour last longer?
  • How often can I dye my hair?
  • Will it cover my greys?
  • Will it lighten my hair?

First, let’s make it clear what you are looking for. There is a big difference between hair dyes and hair coloursHair dyes are permanent. Once you dye your hair, there is no easy way back. Proper hair care is needed to keep your hair healthy and the colour vivid for as long as possible. Dyes will cover your grey hair and you will get the desired effect. Unfortunately, the permanent dye needs more upkeep with root touch-ups, needed roughly every 4 weeks due to your regrowth.

You CAN use a semi-permanent colour in between dyes

Experts recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks between dyeing to keep your hair in its best shape. So, what to do in the meantime? Semi-permanent hair colour is a good solution for hiding a regrowth till the next hair dying.

Touch up of the hair regrowth

Semi-permanent hair colours are free of chemicals. They don’t penetrate your hair deeply as they don’t have the chemicals like ammonia etc that permanent dyes have in them to open the hair cuticle. Hence, they don’t damage hair. Semi-permanents only affect the hair at the surface level, coating it with colour. They will add vibrancy and dimension to your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Being semi-permanent the colour will wash out gradually after 5-7 washes; just at the right time to dye your hair again safely with permanent hair dye.

Enjoy natural shades of your hair!

Semi-permanents are temporary hair colours that allow you to experiment with colour without making a lasting change. If you don’t want the hassle with the root touch-ups and would like more to enjoy highlighted natural shades of your hair, then semi-permanent colours are your perfect choice. You can apply them safely every few weeks.

NOTE: Semi-permanent hair colour covers grey or white hair only partially. For a natural effect, choose a shade that is close to your natural hair colour.

When choosing the colour, bear in mind that semi-permanent colour does not contain bleaching agents. Hence, dark hair cannot be lightened. However, colours can be mixed to obtain intermediate hues. As these colours do not contain any chemicals, note that there is no point leaving them on longer when applied. It is not possible to get a more intense colour or a darker shade in this way.

Protect colour from fading

Use NaturVital Henna Shampoo to revive and protect the colour and Henna Hair Mask to make the colour more intensive and give your hair even more health and shine. Be mindful: these products contain Henna extracts. It is not pure henna powder which is not recommendable to use before or after dying your hair. Henna powder and the chemical dye will react with each other, and sometimes the results can be disastrous. NaturVital Henna products are colour safe. Their formula makes them compatible with NaturVital permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes/colours.

What affects hair colour to fade?

It depends on how porous your hair is. Bleaching, dyeing, chemical straightening, heat styling or overbrushing cause significant damage to the fibre structure of the hair. More porous hair will fade quicker. You can even involuntarily boost that process by washing the hair too often. Additionally, rinsing with hot water also affects colour to fade as hot water lifts the outer cuticle layer. Seawater and constant exposure to strong UV rays will definitely speed up the fading as well.

You can read more about it HERE.


No matter which decision you make – to use permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, use a deep conditioner at least three days before applying the colour and once a week after that. Colouring can leave the hair dry, brittle, and less elastic/prone to breakage if it contains more chemical than say NaturVital. Deep conditioning keeps the hair soft and lively. (

Performing a sensitivity test before using the products is recommended.

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