Moisturised Body Skin = Healthy Skin


Why is our skin so important?

Our body skin needs a daily supply of nourishment and hydration, which provides elasticity and firmness, to restore its natural balance. Many resources provide this kind of information. However, it is of great importance to understand WHY nurturing is essential not only for the health of our body skin but also for our health in general.

Skin is our largest organ. Expectedly, it has numerous vital functions. When its natural balance is disturbed, plenty of problems manifested as skin disorders can occur. Common disorders are:

  • Dryness – resulted in cracked and flaky skin;
  • The sensitivity that leads to inflammation, irritation and redness;
  • Sun damage that speeds up skin aging, wrinkling and appearance of hyperpigmentation;
  • Oiliness and pore congestion, etc.
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These are just “lite” problems that each of us can annulate or, even better, prevent with regular nourishment and hydration. On the other hand, when the skin has been exposed to excessive physical or environmental insults, consequential disorders require a dermatologist’s intervention.

Skin’s protective barrier

The barrier that protects skin from damage is the epidermis. Although less than half a millimetre thick, it is a powerful shield. What are its unique powers? First of all, it keeps skin hydrated and safe from physical injuries. Secondly, prevents infection caused by undesirable micro-organisms. It also disables the penetration of toxic substances into the body skin. Furthermore, it contains melanocytes – the cells which produce melanin. The function of this pigment is to protect the cells underneath from the sun ultraviolet light. If the epidermal barrier is damaged, deeper skin layers stay vulnerable to external threats. That can lead to immune system suppression, skin cancer, eczema and other skin disorders.

What can we do to protect our skin?

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When it’s not up to genetics, the state of our body skin depends on environmental and lifestyle factors. We can’t control the first two impacts. However, it up to us whether our lifestyle and habits will change. Healthy body skin demands daily care. It must be a routine. There are just a few simple rules to follow:

  • Avoid exposing your skin to wind, cold or heat. Wear suitable clothes or apply sunscreen if the skin is uncovered.
  • Don’t use irritating chemicals like drying soaps. Remember: even if you avoid them, but have a habit of long showers – you still risk having dry body skin as water washes the essential oils out of the epidermis.
  • Use mild body washes, with high content of natural active ingredients and no harsh chemicals.
  • Apply body moisturiser after each shower or bath.
  • If you often swim in pools, take extra care of your skin as chlorine in pools is known to dry the skin out.
  • Drink lots of water. By hydrating your body, you also keep the skin hydrated.
  • Avoid alcohol. It is a diuretic. That means it increases urine output.
  • Quit smoking. Besides poisoning your lungs, chemicals contained in cigarettes reduce oxygen supply to your skin, causing premature ageing.
  • When buying clothes, bear in mind that some synthetic fabrics can irritate the body skin.
  • Avoid strong detergents.

NaturVital and Corpore Sano Body Moisturisers

Every moisturiser will seal moisture deep in the skin to keep it hydrated and supple. However, not all of them are proven to be made of certified organic extracts, free of parabens, dyes, silicones, PEGs and phthalates.

Choose from the variety of body moisturisers with certification of top quality, safety and compliance with standards of natural and organic cosmetic products.

Aloe Vera Firming Effect Body Milk

This body milk is enriched with Aloe vera gel and Asiatic Pennywort extract.
Aloe vera has a softening, moisturising, emollient, soothing, hydrating, epithelial-regenerating and anti-inflammatory action.
Asiatic Pennywort is rich in glycosides, amino acids, mineral salts, asiaticoside, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, essential oils and fatty acids. It has a firming and healing action.
Indicated for people seeking a body-care product free of parabens, dyes, silicones and phthalates.

Bearberry Antioxidant Body Milk

Corpore Sano Bearberry Body Milk prevents the formation of new dark spots while lightening existing ones and combats signs of skin ageing.
Pomegranate extract firms body skin and activates skin regeneration. It softens wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
The product is free of parabens, dyes, silicones, PEGs and phthalates.

Sweet Almond Nourishing Body Milk
vegan friendly bldy milk

Sweet almond extract has been highly valued in cosmetics for centuries. It softens and tones dry body skin, activates the healing of dermatoses and superficial burns. It has nourishing, emollient and skin-conditioning action.
The product is free of parabens, dyes, silicones and phthalates.

Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel

This gel is an excellent skin moisturiser and emollient. Use it to treat dry skin that needs to recover its natural hydration. Recover skin exposed to the sun. Alternatively, use this gel as an aftershave, or after depilation.

Certified organic Aloe vera – 99.9% pure
Free of parabens, dyes, silicones and perfumes.

Aloe Vera and Argan Oil Moisturizing Gel
aloe vera argan natural gel

Aloe Vera active ingredients along with Argan oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, nourish and regenerate dry or very dehydrated body skin, providing a soft and silky touch. Ideal for treating sunburned skin and severely dry skin. Use it after shaving or hair removal. It is a natural hair gel.
Certified organic Aloe vera – 99.9% Pure + Argan oil. Free of parabens, dyes, silicones and perfumes.

Sensitive Body Milk Moisturiser
Sensitive skin body milk

Body milk for sensitive body skin with hydrating and softening properties and an antioxidant effect, thanks to 100% organically-grown Pomegranate. Bearberry extract is rich in Arbutin. It helps to reduce the intensity of skin spots. Protect skin from solar radiation thanks to its formula with a UV filter. 

Olive & Shea Butter Hand Cream
Olive hand cream

This hand cream has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Oil extracted from olive leaves enables it to nurture skin with burns and irritations. Thanks to its antioxidant activity, it protects the skin from premature ageing.
Shea butter is an excellent natural cell regenerator with great moisturising and nourishing properties suitable for all skin types. Its composition includes unsaturated fatty acids and a high content of vitamin E.
Bearberry extract and its active ingredient Arbutin, prevent the appearance of dark spots and lightens existing ones. The result is a more homogeneous skin tone.

Free of parabens, dyes, silicones and mineral oils.

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