Anti-breakage Set

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Anti-breakage products from hair loss range boost hair elasticity and anti-breaking strength. Clinically tested anti-hair loss effectiveness of more than 83% and anti-breakage effectiveness of more than 80%

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Hair Loss Shampoo Women – Anti Breakage 300 ml

The Hair Loss Shampoo for Women is the most natural option for preventing hair from falling out and breaking. Fights hair loss and maintains the natural balance of the scalp. Increases the strength of the hair fibre and leaves the hair moisturised and shiny.

Its phytoactive complex, obtained from germinating wheat and soya seeds, and ginseng extract, provide the hair root with the energy and nutrients required to promote hair growth, together with A, B5, E, F, H vitamins and pro-vitamin B5, they maintain the natural balance in the scalp. The use of this shampoo is particularly recommended for long, damaged hair. Tested anti-hair loss effectiveness of more than 83%.

Hair Loss Conditioner Anti-breakage 300ml

Hair Loss Conditioner facilitates hair rehydration, reinforcing and protecting the hair fibre against breakage and splitting.

Hair elasticity and anti-breaking strength are boosted by the action of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein thanks to the protective layer it forms. The phytoactive complex obtained from germinating wheat and soya seeds and ginseng extract complements this action by providing energy to the hair, which enhances hair growth. A, B5, E, F, H vitamins and Pro-vitamin B5 moisturize and ensure the scalp’s natural balance.

Hair Loss Mask – Anti-Breakage 300ml

In just 3 minutes this Hair Loss Mask provides all the nutrients your hair needs to nourish and repair it, from the roots to the ends, while also protecting it from hair loss. The Wheat proteins penetrate the hair and strengthen it, thus improving moisturising, softness and shine, at the same time reinforcing it against breaking.

Phytoactive Complex, a completely natural germinated Wheat and Soybean compound. Provides glucides, proteins, lipids, vitamins and mineral elements. Ginger extract stimulates hair growth and vigour. Vitamins A, B3, B7, E, F, H, and pro-vitamin B5, maintain the balance of the scalp and prevent hair loss. With Wheat Germ Oil, rich in Vitamin E which nourishes and restructures that hair fibre.

Hair Loss Anti-Breakage Conditioner  Leave-In 200ml

Hair Loss Conditioner Leave-in Anti-Breakage repairs, protect and add shine to hair, fighting hair breakage and loss. Frequent use.

No-rinse repair spray that helps repair the hair fibre and protect ends, preventing hair breakage and loss. Enhances brushing, providing shine and protecting hair from damage caused by dryer heat.
For curly hair: spray on damp hair and dry. Shapes curls and prevents frizz. For straight hair: spray on damp or dry hair and brush. Adds volume and leaves hair supple.

Contains hydrolyzed wheat proteins that sink into the hair fibre and reinforce it, improving its hydration (up to 80%), smoothness and gloss, as well as its resistance to breakage. The phytoactive complex, obtained from germinating wheat and soya bean seeds and ginseng extract, provide the scalp with the energy and nutrients needed to promote hair growth. The active ingredients of honey and Pro-vitamin B5 condition hair and make it shine.

0% silicones, colourants, sulphates, mineral oils, phthalates.

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