Antibacterial Mineral Deodorant Spray Potassium Alum and Aloe Vera

$11.95 incl.GST

Corpore Sano Alum and Aloe Mineral Deodorant Spray is a natural, unscented deodorant that controls excessive sweating.


24-hour efficacy and protection.
Has the properties of alum and a convenient spray application.
Hydrates the skin thanks to Aloe Vera juice.

Net Content: 80 ml


Made with natural alum and aloe vera, Corpore Sano Mineral Deodorant Spray has the Ecocert Cosmos Natural certification. Its astringent action controls the effect of perspiration on the skin. Its acidic nature acts by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that cause the bad odour of sweat due to bacterial decomposition.

This deodorant is fragrance-free, odourless and does not leave marks on the skin. It contains the mineral alum (Potassium Alum), which acts by controlling sweat production, and Aloe Vera juice, which provides moisturising and emollient properties to the skin, maintaining its elasticity.

This long-lasting deodorant spray contains mineral salts. It is perfect for those wanting deodorant protection, which naturally controls perspiration without aluminium chlorohydrate, fragrance or alcohol.


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