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NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
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 24 reviews
by Susan on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia

I found this product whilst looking for more natural alternatives...far too many chemicals in our lives already...anyway, I tried the hair colour and it really is lovely, no pungent odours of ammonia and such, no irritation and my hair feels really soft! Will buy again, looking at shampoo and conditioner to try next. I also think the prices are fair too, thanks for a great product NaturVital!

by Julieanne on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
This has changed my life

This product is amazing and it’s truly changed my life. I used store bought semi-permanent hair dye, regularly for many years with no problem but a few months ago my scalp started to itch the day after use, until just recently, the itch developed into a full on chemical reaction, with blisters all over my scalp, behind my ears and the back of my neck. A hairdresser suggested using a dye without ammonia, so I did that and within 5 minutes of applying it, my scalp started to itch and burn. I rinsed it off immediately but was left with the same chemical reaction as before. After some online research, it became clear that paraphenylenediamine (ppd) was very likely the chemical causing the reaction. After looking online for ppd free hair dye, I discovered NaturVital and it has been my saviour. Absolutely no itching or reaction of any kind - I’m completely inlove with this product and the unexpected added bonus, is that it doesn’t wear/wash out as quickly as the store bought hair dyes - It just grabbed hold of my silver roots and isn’t letting go any time soon 👍🏻👩🏻

by Wai Nicholson on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia

After years of dying my hair i all of a sudden broke out with an itchy scalp that had raised weepy lumps on my scalp. I stopped the salon dying and tried Nature Vital permanent hair colour, i still get a slight itching to my scalp but not as bad as the salon product.

by Tini Sochon on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
It feels good

After years of being unnaturally blonde to light brown, I wanted to move away from harsh chemicals, so I decided to go back to my natural dark brown colour using NaturVital. Well it gave me a few pleasant surprises...
First surprise - it only takes 20 minutes; second surprise - there's no mess; third surprise - my hair has a lovely shine to it; fourth surprise - I get comments on how much younger I look.
Thanks Davina for your help, advice and honesty about your own hair journey!

by KARAN on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
No Allergy

i have been buying this hair dye for my mother as she is allergic to PPD chemical found in most hair dye.
This product is free of harmful PPD chemical and my mother had no reaction to this. She is really enjoying this hair dye and we keep coming back.
Highly recommend this dye.

by Aldon on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Hair Colour - Finally no allergy

Neither did my GP, dermatologist or I suspect the hair dye I was using to be the cause of a sudden severe allergy, resulting in swelling below the eyes and behind the ear. After all, I have been using black hair dye for several years without any adverse reactions. I randomly googled the symptom and found numerous references to hair dye allergy especially related to PPD Paraphenylenediamine content.
I tried product that did not contain PPD, but the colour did not last more than a single wash. I was lucky to finally come across NaturVital. I did not experience any form of allergy and the colour lasted even longer than the chemical versions of the dye. I have now decided to also switch to using NaturVital shampoo and conditioner.

by Fran Gelven on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia

I have vert fine grey hair and this the best yet.I have read on bottle iris product of Spain and I’m off to Valencia in 4 weeks so I shall check on it there.

by Pascale on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
My thoughts

I moved away from traditional hair colour when I realised how bad some of the chemicals were. I thought it would be easy to find a resorcinol etc free hair colour in Australia but it was surprisingly hard.
I found Naturvital and found they shipped to Aus so decided to give it a try.
I have been impressed.
The coverage though not quite as firm as permanent is remarkably good.
So far I have been using Nuturvital for 2 applications then the third month use other permanent hair dye. However I'm about to start using Naturvital for longer as I think it's coverage may hold on grey a lot longer.
Additionally it smells lovely, not nasty like other hair dyes and doesn't give the slight burning to the scalp that I get with others.
Naturvital feels very gentle.
Have been glad to find it!

by Veronica Ryan on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
New Lease of Life

I am 55 yrs old and, as you can imagine, have been dying my hair for some years now. Recently I had developed a very sore, tender scalp and when I dyed my hair, it felt as though my scalp was being burnt. The last time I coloured my hair, this burning sensation lasted for over a week and then I was left with an itchy, uncomfortable scalp. I knew it was the hair dye which was causing my problem and was devastated at the thought of having to go GREY. I asked my hairdresser what I could use and she wasn't sure so I popped in to see my local chemist and they had a natural hair dye product. I thought fantastic! I took it home, opened it and read the instructions and it stated quite clearly - 'Do not use if you have scalp sensitivity'. I was gutted and returned the product. I then got on google and found Davina and Naturvital. Davina was so helpful and so reassuring. I ordered my hair dye that day and it arrived two days later. I tested the dye on my scalp first, was thrilled it didn't sting, so I dyed my hair. I love the colour. I have had no stinging, itchy scalp, my husband loves it because it has no nasty odours that linger like my old hair dye did. But, most importantly, I feel and look the way I feel on the inside - vibrant and young!

by Lee-Anne Cummings on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Hair Colour

I have been in the Professional Hairdressing Industry for over 30 years. I have seen many different products over the years with many different claims. Here is my thoughts on this range.

Coverage is Excellent - 100% every time on coarse resistant 100% white hair.
NO fading to a warm brown, like many other products, this colour holds rich and true until next re-touch is due.
Scalp sensitivity - nothing to report, been using this product since first it came into NZ, no itching or redness
Application - I can get 2 re touch colours out of the one tube. Is easy to apply, good constancy and glides over hair with ease, even the resistant hair.
Shine and condition is superb, hair feels soft and holds is shine throughout the 6 weeks.
I would totally recommend this range of hair colour to anyone seeking a great colour and great results at an affordable costs.

Well done on sourcing this and bringing this into NZ hair market.

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